15 Times Mom Regretted Leaving Dad In Charge

Unfortunately, not all dads are known for their parenting prowess. Here are 15 times that moms shouldn't have left the kids alone with dad.


KiwiBoredom Therapy

No mom really wants her baby's head to be compared to a kiwi, so this photo is definitely the work of dad. It really is a striking resemblance though, isn't it?


StopBoredom Therapy

Life can get really hectic when babies start to crawl. One genius dad found a way to let his baby practice crawling without really getting anywhere. Way to go, Dad!


PlateBoredom Therapy

Sometimes, the only way the baby will sleep is when she's being held. In that case, you have to do what you have to do to make sure the baby stays sleeping. This dad is taking one for the team.


FacesBoredom Therapy

It looks like this dad may have entirely too much time on his hands if he spends it making construction paper mustaches for his baby girl. We have to admit, it's pretty adorable.


HandsBoredom Therapy

Sometimes, babies have been to known to scratch themselves with their fingernails. This dad came up with a genius idea to stop that from happening.


TiredBoredom Therapy

Apparently, after the kids were asleep, dad couldn't wait to get to sleep either. He couldn't even make it out of the room before falling asleep.

Bundle up

Bundle upBoredom Therapy

When it's cold outside, you really have to bundle up. In this case, dad took that literally and bundled the baby inside his coat. At lease she won't be cold.


LabelsBoredom Therapy

It's really unfortunate when parents begin labeling their children with roles at such a young age. However, it seems like the dad got the label right in this case.


MultitaskingBoredom Therapy

Dads, unlike moms, aren't really know for their multitasking abilities. However, this dad is definitely multitasking like a champ.

The Same

The SameBoredom Therapy

Most little kids want to be just like their dads when they grow up. This baby didn't have to wait to be dressed just like his dad. By the expression on his face, though, he's not quite ready to be wearing a suit.


NapBoredom Therapy

Often, when kids are resistant to taking a nap, parents will climb in bed with them. In this case, it looks like dad somehow managed to fall asleep in the most awkward position ever while the baby is still awake.


PracticalBoredom Therapy

Dads are nothing if not practical. This dad is carrying is baby inside a bag. He left the zipper open and the baby seems fine, so maybe it's not as terrible as it sounds.


BondingBoredom Therapy

Dad and baby bonding time is really special. This dad is definitely turning his son into a fan too. Look how engage he is with that game.

Mouse pad

Mouse padBoredom Therapy

If you need to catch up on some work while babysitting, you should totally let the baby help you with it. Just look at how helpful this little baby is.


CheeriosBoredom Therapy

Recently, dads across the Internet participated in the Cheerios challenge. The goal was to see how many pieces of the cereal they could stack on their sleeping toddler.

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