Hilarious Tweets That Could Only Come From A Parent

When parents finally come around to technology, they develop a distinct voice. It's part brutal honesty and part exasperation, and it's absolutely hilarious.

Of course, parents have to develop a pidgin language for talking about technology.

We can't expect them to fully understand it, but they know enough to communicate.

One thing Twitter is great for is giving voice to the powerless.

On social media, the mom in stained jeans is equal to the mom in a power suit.

This is so brutally funny, but we hope his daughters fully understand that it's a joke.

Unsurprisingly, not all commenters on this tweet understood the joke and were terribly offended.

Part of being a parent is choosing what to get angry about.

It's often better to unwind and let a situation sort itself out.

This confirms what non-parents always wondered.

Crying babies are just as annoying to the parents as they are to the rest of us.

Leave it to the parent of a 2-year-old to be blunt about their terrible toddler.

This dad might be exaggerating slightly, though.

Twitter is an interesting place for sarcastic people.

Reading the comments of sarcastic tweets reveals that about half of the people understand the humor and half of the people take it seriously.

One reason tweets from parents are so funny is that they are so easy to identify with.

You can see the whole story arc of wholesome idea to dejected mother in 140 characters.

This is a familiar tale to all parents.

Hoping your child won't have to go to the bathroom right when something important begins is like Sisyphus hoping the rock won't roll back down the hill.

Another advantage of reading parents' tweets is to understand the bribe market.

You don't want to overpay your children to do their chores and daily tasks.

We love it when parents describe how good ideas take a turn for the worse.

Even though the bad outcome can be predicted, they keep on trying.

The coining of new phrases and sayings is a great part of Twitter.

We're not sure if this one will stick, but we surely understand it.

The exaggeration in parents' tweets is hilarious because it describes exactly how most of them feel.

Actually, this may not be an exaggeration at all!

Part of parenting involves teaching your children about the harsh realities of life.

Standing in a line for everything is, unfortunately, a major part of going to a theme park.

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