Inanimate Objects That Look Totally Out Of It

These objects look completely out of it. What in the heck were they doing?

The Washing Machine

The Washing MachineCat in Water

It looks as if this laundry machine can't wait to spit out the disgusting dirty clothes you stuffed it with. Next time throw in some scented detergent so that it will be left with a good taste in its mouth.

Tree Man

Tree ManMandatory

It is often said that trees have a very spiritual presence and that perhaps the souls of past humans live inside of them. This guy seems like he's really seen some wild stuff.

Portable Charger

Portable ChargerSad and Useless

Portable chargers are incredibly handy devices that keep this smartphone-loving generation from losing their companions to low battery. This one looks as if he could use a pick-me-up from that coffee.

Steering Dora

Steering DoraEMGN

"Dora the Explorer" takes young children for some wild adventures, and that doesn't stop on the television, it carries over to real life. Meet Dora's very happy friend, the steering wheel.

Wet Wipe Dispenser

Wet Wipe DispenserGuff

If you ever have an accident to clean up, this little one has the perfect "whoopsie" face for you when you need to clean up that pet or baby accident.

Oven Face

Oven FaceDrake in the Morning

This oven is sticking its tongue out at you for making it get really hot. If someone subjected you to 350 degrees (or higher) heat, you might feel the same way.

Brick Face

Brick FacePleated Jeans

This wall has been a wall for too long. It's burned out on its current lifestyle and needs a change of scenery. Maybe try planting some flowers in that garden to cheer it up?

Screwy Eyed

Screwy EyedGolden Moustache

It isn't entirely clear what this thing does. Is that some kind of weird electrical outlet or something? Whatever it is, it is having a blast. If a person were feeling a bit punny, they might say it has a screw loose.

Cable Vomit

Cable VomitReddit/u/junppu

Like many of us who aren't fulfilled by our jobs, this cable plug has had enough of your cables. It is so sick of it, in fact, that it will vomit them back out—that will teach you.

Look at those dam eyes.

Look at those dam eyes.Playbuzz

This dam looks as though it has a face that it's spewing water out of. It would be rude to spit on someone like this in real life, but it just doesn't give a dam.

Sickly Purse

Sickly PurseSad and Useless

This purse has seen better days and looks a bit deflated. It's not easy holding all that stuff! Maybe if you trust it with your designer sunglasses it will perk right back up.

Water Dispenser

Water DispenserRuin My Week

This is the perfect companion for the office worker who dreams of a more adventurous life. It is a solid and steady worker but can't help but feel like a fish out of water.

Happy Chairs

Happy ChairsDump a Day

We could all learn a thing or two from these chairs who just can't get enough of your rump. They are dependable and sturdy and spread a cheery attitude. It's not a pretty job, but they seem to love it!

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