Weird Inventions That You Need To See To Believe

It's hard to imagine life without certain inventions. It's just as hard to imagine life with other inventions.

1. Walking Bike

1. Walking BikeZeppfeed

We don't want to make the inventor feel bad, but we hope he or she realizes that you can walk or run without having a bike slung over your shoulder.

2. Baby Shower Visor

2. Baby Shower VisorZeppfeed

Okay, we admit it. This is a pretty good way to wash your hair without getting shampoo in your eyes. Do they have adult sizes?

3. Pee Pocket

3. Pee PocketZeppfeed

This trusty funnel allows women to urinate while standing up. We have no comment on that.

4. Eye Drop Funnel Glasses

4. Eye Drop Funnel GlassesZeppfeed

As people who have trouble getting eye drops in our eyes, we want to like this invention. We'd probably still blink at the last second, though.

5. Winking Pants

5. Winking PantsZeppfeed

When you walk, the eyes wink at whoever's looking at your behind. We're not entirely sure why you'd want that to happen, but we're sure sure that somebody, somewhere does.

6. Robotic Tomato Feeder

6. Robotic Tomato FeederZeppfeed

This little robot is awfully cute, and we love the idea of something feeding us as we exercise. Does it have to be tomatoes, though?

7. Buddha Mold for Pears

7. Buddha Mold for PearsZeppfeed

Are you sick and tired of your fruit not resembling revered religious figures? Well, you're in luck, because for a limited time only, you can get the Buddha pear mold.

8. Hairy Leg Stockings

8. Hairy Leg StockingsZeppfeed

This is a pretty great idea for keeping perverts away from you. The only possible problem is crossing paths with someone who really likes hairy legs.

9. Bike Shopping Cart

9. Bike Shopping CartZeppfeed

It doesn't look comfortable, sturdy, or useful in any way, but at least they tried.

10. Bed for Side Sleepers

10. Bed for Side SleepersZeppfeed

Say what? We suppose you save a little space by having this very specific shape to your bed, but we have to imagine you'll fall off more than a few times. Plus, folding the fitted sheet that comes with it must be a real nightmare.

11. Watermelon Stroller Refrigerator

11. Watermelon Stroller RefrigeratorZeppfeed

Talk about a niche product. "Honey, I'm going for a walk down the street to eat a watermelon." "Don't forget the watermelon stroller refrigerator, dear." This is a conversation that will never be had.

12. Shoe Umbrellas

12. Shoe UmbrellasZeppfeed

These are quite attractive, but they have a pretty limited effectiveness. Also, wind gusts would be of concern to us.

13. Germ-Free Handshake Machine

13. Germ-Free Handshake MachineZeppfeed

At a certain point, shaking hands no longer seems like the gesture of friendship that it was intended to be. A nice hearty, "Hello! How are you?" might be better than treating your new friend like a plague victim.

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