Do You Have An Internet Disorder?

As if the internet hasn't led us to self-diagnose enough, now there's a whole list of conditions we could have that are caused by technology.

We have a problem.

We have a problem.Android Pit

Step outside (and look away from your phone for long enough) to see that everyone around you is glued to his or her screens. We have formed such a strong attachment to our phones that it's become unhealthy for us.

Actually it's more like a disorder.

Actually it's more like a disorder.Mommyish

Sure, we're addicted to technology, but author David McCandless has broken it down for us into disorders. Do you have one of these? Or even several? You might be surprised at the ways technology has changed the way you act!

Backlog Depression

Backlog DepressionBlog IESE Business School

If you feel stressed and like you can't sleep when you have unchecked messages, that's called backlog depression. You probably feel much better and more accomplished when you finally do get back to all that mail.


InfoglutCaustic Soda Podcast

Maybe you're behind on a current issue, or your love interest keeps talking about a historical event you knew nothing about. To make up for lost time, you binge on information until it becomes information overload. This can lead to headaches, too.


DevorcePsychology Today

If you talk to your partner through text message and social media more than you do in person, that's a communication breakdown. Be careful, devorce can lead to an actual divorce. Try to communicate more face to face.



FOMO stands for fear of missing out. Before social media, you could miss an event and not know about it or not care. Now you always know when you weren't invited because the pictures are plastered all over your friends' pages, rubbing in your face all the fun they had without you.


DingeingNo Radiation For You

This means digital bingeing. It happens when you have to spend a little bit of time away from your phone, such as in a work meeting or when your phone dies and you don't have a charger with you. As soon as you're reconnected with it, you might fall into a black hole of online bingeing.

Smart Tick

Smart TickCNN

When someone excuses themselves from your presence, even if only for a moment, you grab your phone to check it. It's a compulsive tick. We've come to just accept this as normal, but it's totally not.

Email Allergy

Email AllergyMichael Hyatt

If you hate checking your email, you might also suffer from email allergy, which is a psycho-inflammatory response. For example, you could feel anger or depression when your phone notifies you of new mail.


AutomaticityYour News Wire

This is a semiconscious state of "mechanical, routine...repetitive internet behaviors." For example, you could grab your phone to check the weather and then "wake up" 30 minutes later in the middle of watching cat GIFs.


ContentstipationGrateful Grapefruit

If you save a bunch of articles as "read later," they can build up quickly and leave you feeling unaccomplished and "mentally backed up." Ultimately, you may wind up reading nothing just because there's too much.

Notification Trough

Notification TroughDigital Trends

This happens when you post something on social media—a photo for example—and then obsessively wait for others to acknowledge it with likes and comments. The longer you wait without response, the more desperate and insecure you become.



If you enjoy debunking facts a little too much, this may apply to you. Qualities include degrading others you deem gullible or uninformed, and "combative dismissals," such as "Where's your source?"



This condition is the desire to act on any impulse you have online. In real life, we often don't act on our impulses. Online, we may be tempted to just do whatever we feel.

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