20 Struggles That Are All Too Real For Short Girls

Being short in a tall world is hard. Here's a short and sweet list of all the problems short girls have to deal with on a regular basis.

1. Shopping Problems

1. Shopping ProblemsImgur

Everyone hides the best stuff on the highest shelf. That's totally not cool.

2. Hugs

2. HugsThe Berry

It's not that you don't like someone; it's just that you can't reach high enough to hug them back!

3. Couples Issues

3. Couples IssuesAsk FM

When you're short but are dating someone tall, it confuses everyone all the time.

4. "But I'm angry!"

4. "But I'm angry!"Twitter

It's difficult to get people to believe you're really mad when you are, in fact, really mad. Head pats only make it worse.

5. Forever in the Shallow End

5. Forever in the Shallow EndPineasy

The deep end of the pool starts way earlier for short people. Don't judge.

6. Benches are hard.

6. Benches are hard.Bum Bag Motel

Your feet tend to hang off of furniture all the time. ALL THE TIME.

7. Simple chores aren't that simple.

7. Simple chores aren't that simple.Dose

Trying to get your laundry done is a two-person job. Someone needs to be there to make sure you don't fall in the washer.

8. Limbo!

8. Limbo!You Tube

EVERYONE expects you to be some kind of limbo expert if you're short. Sorry, people, not all of us are that bendy.

9. Say "Cheese"

9. Say "Cheese"Twitter

Selfies with other people are almost impossible, unless you happen to be really into the top of your head.

10. Concerts

10. ConcertsLook For Me Another Day

Is it ever worth going to see a show? If you don't get there early enough, you're stuck in the back without any kind of view. Thanks a lot, tall people.

11. Proportions

11. ProportionsReddit

Sometimes you can convince yourself that you have totally normal proportions, but then you stand next to extra-tall people and realize you look like a cartoon character.

12. Sports?

12. Sports?Oogee Woogee

Being short means you'll never make it to the WNBA!

13. Cooking

13. CookingToday I Found Out

This doesn't happen too often, but sometimes stoves are even a little too high to really see what's going on.

14. Left Foot Yellow

14. Left Foot YellowSub Feed.

Everything is a jungle gym, even if you don't want it to be!

15. Why, pants?

15. Why, pants?Sub Feed

Pretty much every pair of pants you buy will be too long. You get really good at either hemming or cuffing—or both.

16. Driving

16. DrivingSub Feed

You're lucky if you don't need pillows to help you see over the steering wheel. Heaven help anyone other than you trying to fit into the driver's seat without adjustment.

17. Even bedtime is tricky.

17. Even bedtime is tricky.Instagram

When you need a step-stool to get into bed, that's when you REALLY know you're short.

18. Weather

18. WeatherTumblr

Any time it snows, we struggle.

19. Smooching

19. SmoochingInstagram

Another problem with having a taller significant other is having to get on your tip-toes just to kiss them.

20. For All You Haters

20. For All You HatersInstagram

Show some love to all the short people in your life and get them this shirt!

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