15 Moments These Cheerleaders Totally Failed

Cheerleading isn't always all it's cracked up to be. Here are 16 cheerleader fails that definitely did not go unnoticed.

A little help?

A little help?Coed

A cheerleader is supposed to be the pinnacle of pose and grace. This guy's face cannot hide how hard he's working just to try to make it into a stand.

Crazy Face

Crazy FaceDaily Quenchers

When you're trying to maintain the momentum of a dance, it's hard to pay attention to everything your body is doing. The camera caught this girl's face at a most unfortunate moment.

One-Eyed Yell

One-Eyed YellImgur

If she weren't wearing a uniform, you might think that this girl had just rolled out of bed mid-yawn. Something tells us she's not a fan of this picture!

Overly Enthusiastic Smiles

Overly Enthusiastic SmilesImgur

We've got not one but two crazy smiles in this picture. You have to wonder what kind of choreography could have called for faces like this.

Scared Face

Scared FaceBajiroo

This cheerleader is wearing the face of someone who's about to witness a collision but is still trying to remain upbeat.



We can't tell if this squad member is scared, surprised, or just excited. Her hair appears to have been electrically shocked, however.

Falling Down

Falling DownBajiroo

It's hard to tell who has it the worst in this picture—there's the girl who's falling, the girl who's receiving the fall, and then the girl who sees it all happening and can't do anything about it. It must have been a tough day.

Upside Down Sign

Upside Down SignBajiroo

Sometimes there's a job that needs to be done right or not at all. This girl had her chance and blew it. Seriously, you had one job.

Odd Position

Odd PositionBajiroo

Cheerleading with a team requires all kinds of uncomfortable poses and positioning. This odd stance just happened to be caught on camera. That girl in the back is really getting an up close and personal look at her friend!

Nothing but Net

Nothing but NetFunny Pics

It's hard to tell whether this was an accident or part of a choreographed cheer. We do know that it looks horribly awkward and probably shouldn't be attempted ever again.

Silly Style

Silly StyleBajiroo

Sometimes during a cheer, one person gets so into it that they forget where they are. This woman is feeling it a little too hard. Maybe she should tone it down just a little bit.

Where to Look

Where to LookBajiroo

The cheerleading base needs an enormous amount of mental effort and strength to hold a pose steady. Although this guy may just be in a sustained concentration, onlookers might think otherwise.

Study in Contrasts

Study in ContrastsFunny Pics

The calm composure of the girls at the top of the formation is overshadowed by the ladies trying to hold them up. One looks just unsure while the other appears to be anguished.

Odd Man Out

Odd Man OutFunny Pics

Men are a welcome and important part of cheer squads. This solo guy in a group of girls just happens to look like he doesn't have a clue what he's doing.

Controlled Fall

Controlled FallBajiroo

This is the face of a guy who is trying really hard to maintain composure under enormous pressure. He's needs to try harder.

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