Bumper Stickers That Are Actually Hilarious

It's rare, but occasionally a bumper sticker makes us LOL. Here are some of the best we've seen!

"I drive a Prius."

"I drive a Prius."Guff

Owners of hybrid cars tend to have a reputation for being smug. It's good to see a person who cares about the environment and is still down to Earth.

Twist at the End

Twist at the EndThe Chive

Everything about this bumper sticker seems normal until you get to that hard left turn at the end. But hey, a good student is a good student no matter where they are learning.



Marriage can be a beautiful thing but unfortunately many marriages these days end in divorce. This bumper sticker is a reminder of just how expensive divorce can be.

Keep your enemies close.

Keep your enemies close.Amplifying Glass

They say keep your enemies close, but do they say keep your demons closer? This is a great way to let people know that you have a sense of humor and also that you may be insane.

Keeping a Count

Keeping a CountGabberwocky

This person has really committed to the joke this bumper sticker is making. We get it, you hit people with your car. It's not funny enough to take up your entire rear window.



This bumper sticker is perfect for the parent who used to have a life but now finds themselves driving their children around in a minivan. Don't be so hard on yourself, parenting is not easy.

Who's the idiot?

Who's the idiot?Reddit/u/sartizzle

What a friendly thing to read on the bumper of the person who just cut you off. Some people just aren't good with people.

Dose of Reality

Dose of RealityGuff

Here is some wisdom from someone who doesn't appear to have a high opinion of artists. Whether or not you're an artist, it's admittedly a clever line.

Don't tailgate.

Don't tailgate.Guff

This is a fair warning to anyone who wants to tailgate. Your punishment will be an even slower driver in front of you. Safety first!

Maybe the cop will have a sense of humor.

Maybe the cop will have a sense of humor.The Chive

If you're about the get a ticket, it can't hurt to have a little joke before the officer gets to your window. Maybe if it gets a laugh they won't write you a ticket!

Don't tailgate, part two.

Don't tailgate, part two.Guff

Here is a friendly reminder from your buddy in front of you to stop tailgating. If you rear end someone, it's going to be your fault. Just give the person a little bit of room!

Mid-Life Crisis

Mid-Life CrisisIndipepper

Or maybe this isn't just a mid-life problem.

Now this is a clever joke!

Now this is a clever joke!Guff

This one is undeniably funny. It's a great thing to spread joy to the rest of the world through the use of good clean humor.

Peace Wagon

Peace WagonGuff

You can't drive a "hippy wagon" and hate hippies. Also, those buses are really sought after now. Be thankful to those dirty hippies.

A fat person can really come in handy.

A fat person can really come in handy.The Chive

As the old saying goes, you don't have to be faster than the bear, you just have to be faster than your friend. If your friend happens to be fat, all the better!

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