10 Things About Man Logic That Women Will Never Understand

Men and women are inherently different. Here are 10 things that women will never understand about the way men think.

Going Out

Going OutInstagram

Homer Simpson really does say what all men are secretly thinking.

Making It Fit

Making It FitInstagram

Of course. Why wouldn't you ruin the fork instead of putting the food in a different container?

Battle of the Sexes

Battle of the SexesBuzztache

Or do women only pretend to hate each other to further confuse men?

Duct Tape

Duct TapeInstagram

Duct tape really does fix everything.



Unfortunately, most women are looking for a perfect 100 percent in the not-cheating category.



Not even men understand why they can't refill something that's empty, like putting a new trash bag in the trashcan or replacing the empty toilet paper roll.

Getting in the Mood

Getting in the MoodInstagram

"Poking her with it" doesn't constitute foreplay, just fyi.

Literal Beings

Literal BeingsInstagram

Men are very literal beings. Sometimes, they just can't help themselves.



Men have very specific priorities, and they aren't likely to change any time soon.



As a man, you can never, ever make two trips.

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