Father Of Triplets Comes Up With Genius Hack To Prevent Backseat Fighting

A dad of triplets was sick of his triplets constantly fighting in the back seat. He came up with a genius idea to solve the problem.

Jack and Jen White

Jack and Jen WhiteDaily Mail

Jack White, a stay-at-home dad and artist from Cincinnati, Ohio, is the proud father of 2-year-old triplets: Jude, Stella, and Xavier. Kids will be kids, and this means bickering over the smallest things from time to time.

A Peaceful Moment With the Triplets

A Peaceful Moment With the TripletsDaily Mail

While he says his children are generally very well behaved, they often argue with each other when it comes to snacks. Since his children are only 2 years old, snack stealing is like the end of the world to them.

Halloween Fun

Halloween FunBuzzfeed

At home, there's not much he and his wife can do about it, aside from keeping them separate when it's time to eat. But in the car, it turns out there is something they can do to prevent the bickering.

Jack and His Kids Being Mechanics

Jack decided to set up walls between the triplets' car seats. This way they can't see each other and therefore there is little to no fighting over food.

The Invention

The InventionImgur

Jack shared the picture of his invention on social media with the caption "and...no more fighting. The guys at the drive-thru said it was genius. A day in the life of triplets."

The White Family

The White FamilyDaily Mail

His post has gotten a lot of attention. Most people thought it was funny and a great idea for long trips or times when the bickering is just too much to handle.

The White Family Trying to Take a Photo Together

The White Family Trying to Take a Photo TogetherAunty Acid

Jack isn't the first person to come up with a clever hack for traveling with children. Many creative parents have come up with ideas that have been game changers.

A fitted sheet works wonders.

A fitted sheet works wonders.Popsugar

If you're sick of cleaning crumbs and other bits of food out of the cracks in your center console, or you're worried about drinks staining the interior of your car, place a fitted sheet under the car seat to collect everything that falls.

Put cupcake liners in cup holders.

Put cupcake liners in cup holders.Popsugar

Cup holders can get really nasty really quickly. For easy clean up, place cupcake liners in your cup holders and change them out whenever they get too grimy.

Shoe organizers keep your car from getting too cluttered.

Shoe organizers keep your car from getting too cluttered.Popsugar

Hang a shoe organizer over the back of one or both of your front seats to keep everything organized and within reach if needed. It's a great place to store diapers, wipes, sunscreen, toys, or anything you or your child might need while away from home.

Shower Caddies for Meals on the Go

Shower Caddies for Meals on the GoPopsugar

Road trips often require meals on the go, and a bumpy ride can mean spills. To make things easier for kids, put their food in a shower caddy. There may be a few crumbs here and there, but it's much better than having to pull over to clean up a huge spill.

An old DVD case becomes easy entertainment.

An old DVD case becomes easy entertainment.Popsugar

Put some paper and colored pencils or crayons in an old DVD case and your children will have an easel they can take with them anywhere. It sure beats staring at an iPad for the whole ride.

Keep your sweet treats from melting.

Keep your sweet treats from melting.Popsugar

Store your candy in the air conditioning vents to keep them from melting along the way. You can just clip them on the vents with a clothespin and voila!

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