Would You Buy Colored Pencils That Cost Four Digits? (Let Your Eyes Do The Deciding!)

How strong is your willpower these days? Because you're going to need a lot of it in a minute.

We break a sweat trying to "adult" on a daily basis, yet it never seems to get any easier.

So what do we do? We used to just mindlessly scroll on social media. But not anymore, because the world officially has something better for us—a gift of procrastination so great we are giddy just thinking about it!

You probably already know what we're hinting at...

Clearly it's adult coloring books that we're hooting and hollering about! And don't even try to act like you don't understand the hype. This is a real game changer for us grown-ups!

"But why?" the uninformed might ask.

Easy—because it's a chance for our inner, responsibility-free child to run wild. (Plus, you don't need artistic skill to stay in the lines, so failure isn't an option, for once!)

And don't you dare question the motives of concentrating colorists because they will get defensive!

This isn't about stalling, it's about slinking away from stress to a place where the only decision to be made is whether you want your sky to be baby blue, powder blue, periwinkle, or heck, even Granny Smith apple green.

But why are we blabbing on about adult coloring culture, anyway?

Let's just put it like this... You know that money you've been saving to pay off your college loans? You may actually want to spend it on something else—something that's easily more exciting.

Adult coloring book lovers, get ready to rejoice!

As kids we learned pretty quickly that a picture is only as pretty as the utensils you had to color it with (64 Crayola crayon pack kids, where you at?!)

Back then having a sharpener on your crayon box equaled status, but today, there's something better!

It comes straight out of Germany and its brilliance can only be bought with an adult paycheck. (Chump change from chores isn't going to cut it; sorry, kids.) We won't tease you for a second longer! Set your eyes on...



German pencil giant Faber-Castell has outdone itself! This beautiful pack of 350 colored pencils was actually created with the help of fashion designer and artist Karl Lagerfeld, and it can be all yours for a...not-so-low...price.

By not so low we mean...$3,000.

Yes, it's quite an investment. But—and this is a big BUT—just think about how cool your local coloring book club will become when word spreads that you have this top-notch toolkit at your meetings.

Lagerfield hand-selected this assortment.

You'll be de-stressing in style with watercolor pencils, crayons, graphite pencils, pastels, pens, and other masterpiece-making materials all at your disposal!

This isn't just about your reputation.

It's about snagging something that's in limited supply for the sake of your sanity (since, again, the adult coloring book market is all about achieving a rare state of relaxation).

And hey, if it's any consolation, we rounded up a little!

The colorful collection should actually cost you closer to $2,850. A little money saved is always reason enough to embrace an enormous expenditure. We just have one more thing to say about all of this...

There's no shame in taking out another loan!

Maybe just don't tell your relatives that said loan is being used to support your coloring book habit. Instead, tell them that it's an investment in your happiness!

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